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Network for Christian Women

NCW was started in 2015 in response to the call to provide strategic platforms for Christian women to be trained, empowered and developed as effective leaders in ministry, in the marketplace, and in their homes.

Women Arise! Conference

is an inter-denominational and inter-church conference that takes place annually to empower women to arise to their destiny as loving wives, godly mothers, discerning overcomers, strategic marketplace persons, and wise nation-builders so as to leave a legacy for the future.

It is founded upon Psalm 68:11 (ESV) that says: “The Lord gives the word; the women who announce the news are a great host.”

We purpose to enable women to recognize and rise up to their God-given destiny together to change the world beginning with themselves, their families, then their communities and societies so as to leave a legacy for future generations!

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Our Mission

To restore, renew, recharge and release the women of God and to leave a legacy of Godly women for the future generations.

Our Vision

To receive revelation of our identity and purpose in God.

To actively and passionately engage in the things of Kingdom.

To be equipped and empowered to be effective for God.

Our Endeavor

through conferences, seminars, workshops and mentoring sessions that will raise the effectiveness of women in their homes, workplace and ministries.

women of all ages, across all denominations and networks, and possible joint collaborations with other like-minded organizations.

speaking and leadership platforms to showcase dynamic Asian women from different spheres of influence who can train, inspire and lead.