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Destiny Calling

Your Beginning does not determine your End.

It does not matter if you are from a whole family or a broken home. If you are rich or poor. If you are an extrovert, or painfully shy. Perhaps you have been bullied, and have had negative words spoken into your life. In spite of all that, God can still do great things with your life!

Naomi Dowdy’s unusual life story – from a small farm in rural Kentucky to the isolated Marshall Islands of the South Pacific, and on to the bustling city-state of Singapore – will inspire you to:

  • Embrace who God has made you to be
  • Hear and follow His voice
  • Believe that His vision for you can become a reality
  • Live the adventure of a lifetime.


Your life can be mighty in God’s hand. Your destiny is calling. Are you listening?

“Naomi Dowdy is a modern pioneer. While some people were arguing about whether God could even use women to pastor, Naomi was growing one of the most Kingdom-minded, Spirit-filled churches I’ve ever seen… This book will inspire you to emulate her faith and courage.” 

– J. Lee Grady, Former editor, Charisma Magazine & Director, The Mordecai Project


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