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Moving On and Moving Up: In The Marketplace

Are you ready for God to download a greater Kingdom vision into your spirit for your work and business?

You will catch a bigger vision to embrace your divine assignment, seize divine opportunities, and bring transformation where God has positioned you for strategic impact!

“This book is a must read for all serious Christian business people today. I feel like you tapped into what God is saying to the Christian world today. God will continue to bless business if they will understand their divine calling as you presented. Your book clearly and succinctly presents this biblical truth for the business world.”

– David Cawston, life coach and business consultant

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book by Dr Dowdy. Simple home truths, powerfully illustrated. Short and concise and yet very relevant in the changing world order. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

– Samuel Selvakumar, CEO of Vodaphone, South India

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