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Naomi Dowdy’s ministry is one of apostolic pioneering and prophetic breakthrough.
She is a builder, coach, and spiritual parent—all in one.
The impact of her leadership in the Church and in the marketplace
is global and trans-generational.
Hers is apostolic ministry at its highest level.

– Jim Hodges, Federation of Ministers and Churches International


Naomi Dowdy is a woman God uses to change nations. The Lord anoints her to break old mindsets and propel the Church into fresh Kingdom perspectives. Once you sit under her ministry, your life will never be the same!

Barbara Wentroble, International Breakthrough Ministries

Dr Naomi Dowdy exceeded all of our expectations, possessing an incredible gift of encouragement, vision and leadership. Her preaching/teaching ability is as good as I have ever heard anywhere, articulating deep spiritual truths in a clear, interesting and deeply convincing way. We were surely blessed to have this world-class leader as our main speaker.

Bob Engelhardt, Arizona

The teachings and sharing in the meeting were excellent, very profitable. But your presence was most impacting to me. Your presence there was powerful and authoritative. The apostolic anointing was undeniable. Yet what moved me was the love of Christ that emanated from you. It was quite impressionable to witness the apostolic in such a powerful yet feminine vessel.

Vicki Sides


I want to thank you for the incredible course. I learned so much and it was wonderful to hear from your years of experience. Your teaching brought great clarity, wisdom and impartation. It was the best teaching I have heard as of yet on Apostles and the Apostolic. The prophetic word you spoke brought confirmation and encouragement to move forward in confidence. Thank you again.

Becca Greenwood, International Harvest Ministries

I came home truly feeling a new alignment that will help move me forward. There was and is so much energy and vision! I love it! I have been receiving much revelation about God’s plan for the kingdom and the reality of the war we are in. I think sitting under the anointing for so many days has lifted my spirit to a new level. 

Sarah A Williams, The Master’s Hand, Inc.




We owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to you for your devotion to the Lord, the advancement of His Kingdom, and the love you share for His Church. Your carecell strategy and instruction has been a tremendous model for strengthening the local church. I just want to say thanks for compassionately, willingly and obediently coming alongside us and supporting us. As a church, we love you.

Kathy Good

What an impact you made in my life! Words cannot convey the impact. You are the most anointed woman I have ever encountered. You walk in such power and anointing. Yet you are not arrogant nor untouchable. For the first time I saw what I feel God has called me to be. Thank you for being you. Thank you for walking in what God has called you to do. Thank you for being my personal example.

Sonya Cruel, Grady First Steps to Healthy Families

I am convinced I never could be where I am today if it were not for you. I have learned so much and God has certainly taken me to new territory since I have met you. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me as few have in my life. You are a true spiritual matriarch and there are so few of you. I know that God placed me under your anointing to enhance my life dramatically.

Lana Heightley, Women With a Mission