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Naomi Dowdy


Moving On & Moving Up!

"Everywhere I look as I travel the globe, I see God shifting His people from one divine assignment to the next."

He is moving us forward in our destiny, advancing us in His purposes, and equipping us for greater accomplishments than we have ever known.

All over the world, men and women like you are being divinely positioned for breakthrough and transformation. Yes, transition is a lonely place to be in. It is that uncomfortable feeling of being neither-here-nor-there.

But these are exciting days to be living in. So don’t give up. Hold fast to God’s word to you, and move on up. These books were written for you. They will help you navigate your transition.

“Naomi Dowdy is one of the most encouraging and empowering leaders I have ever known. I have been inspired by her humility, her faith and her big vision. She has been a mentor, a spiritual mother and a trusted counselor… and a role model for leaders in the 21st century.”

Dr Naomi Dowdy is indeed one of the most verifiable and valid apostolic and prophetic voices of the 21st century. She is truly a modern day strategist.

Naomi Dowdy has pioneered the truth and reality of women apostles in the 21st century church.

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